Why choosing Kernok® Far Infrared Heating System from heatsport?

Kernok®  is a patented carbon fiber system, non-metallic, with a 9% heat transfer. Furthermore, it features the following advantages against competition:

-       2 heating areas: lumbar and cervical

-       3 heating levels with 100% no-cold Warranty (up to 70ºC)

-       Easy and clear access to heat controller;  you will know in every moment your temperature, with total freedom of movements.

-       Multi-sport: surfing, kitesurfing and diving up to 90 meters deep

Do the undersuits have special care instructions?

Yes, we recommend:

-       complete battery charge

-       once used, cover the connector plugs and put the batteries apart

-       rinse the undersuit in fresh water (including the controller, to clean salt residue) No sun exposure or dry cleaning

-       if not used for 3 weeks or more, rinse the 3 connectors, dry and apply 3inOne Oil (for example)

Surfing or Diving, when water gets inside my wetsuit… will it reduce my temperature and get cold? 

No, actually, water getting in your wetsuit will help distribute the heat generated by our Heating System all over your body.

How does coldness affect our sports performance?

Cold conditions make our blood circulation  to our extremities slower, and higher oxygen consumption. Our body wastes energy trying to keep warmth, reducing your performance in any sport; diving, surfing or running.  Using heatsport undersuit, your back and your body core  stays warm, and your body can use its maximum energy for your favorite sport.

Can heatsport Heated Clothing  work on extreme cold conditions? 

Yes, our rechargable batteries have been tested in temperatures down to -20ºC.

Is there any electric shock or radiation danger? 

Not at all. The 7.4V Li-Po battery used in heatsport heated gear is the same type as in Smartphones or mp3 players, recharging in the same way. There is no electric shock or radiation danger, as there is no any danger in your mobile device.

Do your products have Quality Certificates? 

Yes, heatsport products have been tested and certified by CE, TUV and UL standards.